All-Time Team Stats

Statistics were first recorded in the 1983/84 season.


EX:'All', 50+ goals, 10+ cards
NB:Strike Rate eg. 15+ games

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13/10: Coin du Balai 1-1 RBBFC1
15-Oct-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
Story of penalties, headers and chances missed
full story (19 Hits)

29/09: LXG 1-1 RBBFC1
8-Oct-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
LXG fortress must fall soon
full story (24 Hits)

22/09: RBBFC1 2-0 Portugal
8-Oct-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
The Tale of Three Goalkeepers
full story (22 Hits)

22/09: RBBFC3 2-0 Peter Pan2 (3 reports)
25-Sep-18 by 3rd Team Correspondent
RBBFC3 hook first victory against Peter Pan FC - (first three match reports)
full story (88 Hits)

15/09: Union JP 1-3 RBBFC2
20-Sep-18 by 2nd Team Correspondent
Not easy to have a team willing to go for it after so many players leaving. Easier, when you belong to a club who generates that whether you want it or not.
full story (51 Hits)

15/09: LTC 1-2 RBBFC5
19-Sep-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Two wins on the trot for rampant Vets1!
full story (61 Hits)

15/09: Jettoise (Amicale) 2-1 Vets2
18-Sep-18 by Vets 2 Correspondent
Missed opportunities
full story (58 Hits)

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